DIY Floral Bath Salts

DIY Floral Bath Salt

Christmas is over and now I can finally share one of the DIY Christmas gifts that I made.  I like to do a small gift every year for my sisters so I made them some floral soap bars and decided to make them some DIY Floral Bath Salts as well.  I had all of the ingredients at home already so this was an easy craft for me to take on.  The floral bath salts turned out just as pretty as the soap bars so they complimented them well.

For this tutorial you’ll need just a few ingredients and if you’ve made my bath bombs and soap bars you’ll already have much of it on hand.

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Epsom Salt

Dried Flowers

Essential Oils

Glass Jars

Mini Wood Scoop


Bowl and spoon for mixing ingredients

Scissors for cutting twine


Step 1

Pour Epsom Salt into each of your glass jars so that there is just a little extra room for the flowers but not too much room.  This step is purely to measure the amount of Epsom salt that you will need for the jars that you are using.

DIY Floral Bath Salt

Step 2

Pour the Epsom Salt from each of the glass jars into a large mixing bowl.

DIY Floral Bath Salt

Step 3

Add 10-15 drops of Essential Oils to the Epsom salt.

DIY Floral Bath Salt

Step 4

Add Dried Flowers.  I like to only use the petals because the other parts of the flowers 1.) aren’t so pretty and 2.) can stain the mixture.  Mix the flowers into the Epsom salt until you have the desired amount of flowers that you’re looking for.

DIY Floral Bath Salt

DIY Floral Bath Salt

Step 5

Pour the mixture into your Glass Jars .

DIY Floral Bath Salt

Step 6

For this step you’ll be using the twine to tie the adorable Mini Wood Scoop on to the jars.

DIY Floral Bath Salt

The first thing I did was tie the twine around the neck of the jar a few times.  I made sure to leave about 6 inches on each end to use to tie a knot.
DIY Floral Bath Salt

Below you can see where I tied a knot to keep the twine in place. DIY Floral Bath Salt

I then placed the Mini Wood Scoop over the knot and tied a little bow around the handle of the scoop to hold it in place.  I think that these little wooden scoops really make this so much better.  They are just adorable.  DIY Floral Bath Salt

And that’s it guys!  This is a super simple craft project that is a great last minute gift idea.

DIY Floral Bath Salt

I made a cute little gift basket for each of my sisters that included these Floral Bath Salts, Floral Soap Bars and Bath Bombs.  They loved them!

DIY Floral Bath Salt

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DIY Floral Bath Salt

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Did you give or get any awesome DIY gifts this year?

<3 Hannah


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely be collecting and drying more of my flower petals this year to make these as gifts for the year ahead. I’m putting in a small lavender field this year that would be perfect for this! Thank you so much for sharing!

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