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About Hannah Schlachter

Hi!  I’m Hannah Schlachter and I’m a DIY enthusiast, artist and home cook.  I love to create things with my hands and when I’m not working my day job I’m always making something!

I live in Chicago, IL with my husband Adam and our adorable dog Abby.

Back in 2018 I started Handmade Weekly to share my hobbies with my family and friends.  I quickly discovered that I had a knack for creating unique projects and writing valuable step by step tutorials.  I love to solve problems and I’m extremely detail oriented.  It must be my training as a civil engineer.

Fun Facts About Me

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civil engineer

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my community

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My Mission

I’ve made it my personal mission to continue sharing my projects to help others create homes and meals that they love on a budget.

I capture and share the process for projects that my husband and I do around our home, art that I create and recipes that I make for my family.  Then I post detailed tutorials, recipes or printable downloads that are all completely free!

To help in my mission, my tutorials, free printable downloads and recipes have been featured on several reputable online publications, including but not limited to:

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