No-Sew Kitchen Curtains

how to make no sew kitchen curtains

Hey friends!  My post this week is nothing revolutionary and I debated on whether or not I even share it since so many people have done this already.  However, when I started hunting for materials for these no-sew kitchen curtains I seriously struggled to find what I needed for a fair price.  It took months, but I finally found the best places to buy supplies. Keep reading to find out how I made these no sew kitchen curtains for the window over my sink for less than $35.

Best Places to Buy Materials

The window over my sink isn’t exactly small so I needed a decent quality rod and wide dish towels for the curtains themselves.  I started by scouring amazon and I found a bunch of rods that either came in multi packs or cost way way WAY too much.  I’d rather go curtain-less on this window than spend $20 for a stupid rod.  So I kept hunting and then during a trip to Walmart I found the motherload.  You guys, if you want to make curtains like this trust me, you’ll want to make a trip to Walmart.

easy no sew kitchen curtains

Tension Rod

Walmart has two typical sizes to choose from (18″- 28″) and (24″ – 48″).  The shorter ones are $4.97 and the longer one is only $6.99 so even if your window is a little wider than standard, it’s still a super cheap option.  They also have a few colors to choose from.

Clip Rings

Again, pick these up at Walmart.  They have several sizes and colors to choose from and I got two packs of 7 for $5.93 each.

Fabric Tape

Ok, you’re probably getting sick of me raving about Walmart, but seriously, $3.97 for 20′ of fabric tape?  Don’t waste money going anywhere else.

Dish Towels

Here is where it gets tricky.  Or at least it did for me.  Standard kitchen towels weren’t wide enough to cover my entire window when I closed them so I needed the larger towels.  I also really wanted some flair at the bottom of mine so I was looking for tassels or balls or something festive like that.  I looked at every grocery store, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, At Home and so on that I went to for months and I was almost to the point that I was going to sew my own curtains.  Well, let’s be honest, I would have asked my mom to sew them for me.  I don’t sew! 😉 Then, last week when I was at Chelsea Market in NYC I went to the Anthropologie and in the clearance section I found the perfect dish towels to make into curtains!  They were $7.95 each on clearance so my entire project ended up being less than $35 (I already had the peel and stick tape).

The dish towels from Anthropologie are 21″ x 28″ and as with all of their products, they are very high quality.  The ones that I bought aren’t for sale on their website but they have a bunch of other great options to choose from.  Here are a few that caught my eye if you’re looking for the same size with some decorative flair on the bottom.

Here is how I made my no-sew kitchen curtains from Anthropologie dish towels.


Step 1 – Measure

First, hang your rod. Then fold over the dish towels to determine the exact length that you want your curtains before you cut them.  You can’t tell in the picture below, but I measured where I needed to cut and made a light line with a pencil.  It doesn’t need to be perfect.

Easy No Sew Kitchen Curtains

And here it is after I cut one of the dish towels.

Easy No Sew Kitchen Curtains

Step 2 – Fabric Tape!

Attach a piece of fabric tape across the full width of the dish towel.

Easy No Sew Kitchen Curtains

Easy No Sew Kitchen Curtains

Then peel off the other side and fold over the dish towel.  Boom!  Nothing fancy here but it does the trick.

Easy No Sew Kitchen Curtains

Step 3 – Hang the No-Sew Kitchen Curtains

Space the clips evenly on each of the two curtains and then hang them on the rod.  Simple as that!

Easy No Sew Kitchen Curtains

Easy No Sew Kitchen Curtains

Finding the perfect supplies was difficult but the actual project was super easy.  And now, I can close my curtains at night so that when the lights are on my neighbors can’t see into my house.

How to make no sew kitchen curtains

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how to make no sew kitchen curtains

Are you a fan of no-sew projects?  I envy people out there that have the patience to sew but it just isn’t for me.

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  1. Oh Hannah…Dish towel turns curtains?! BRILLIANT! These are gorgeous…and PERFECT for your beautiful kitchen! What a clever idea! (And I’m right there with ya on the Walmart finds! They always seem to pull through for me!)

  2. These curtains are adorable and I am going to make them for my RV. Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. These turned out just lovely! Thanks for sharing with us at the To Grandma’s house we go link party – I’ll be featuring you on my blog when the next party starts!

  4. So adorable, and a great way to use all those cute kitchen towels, especially when you can find them in the discounted section after summer! Thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday back in July, the party is back and hope to see you there.

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