DIY Window wreaths for christmas

Learn how to make your own DIY window wreaths for Christmas and add sophisticated outdoor Christmas décor to your home.

Materials: - Plain Green Wreath - 2.5" Wired Ribbon - Scissors - Floral Wire

Step 1:  Make a Bow Start by making a loop at the end of the ribbon and hold it tightly between your thumb and another finger.

Step 1:  Make a Bow Next, twist the ribbon on one side of the center loop so that the finished side of the ribbon is facing you

Step 1:  Make a Bow Then, loop the ribbon to meet the bottom of the center loop.

Step 1:  Make a Bow Twist the ribbon and make a loop on the other side of the center loop.

Step 1:  Make a Bow Continue this process until you have 4 loops on each side of the center loop.

Step 1:  Make a Bow Next you’ll want to loop the ribbon around for the bow tails.

Step 1:  Make a Bow Once you have determined how much ribbon you want for the tails cut it off as shown below.

Step 1:  Make a Bow Wrap that end piece under the bow with about an inch extending past your fingers.

Step 1:  Make a Bow Use floral wire to tightly cinch the bow together.

Step 1:  Make a Bow Twist the wire together on the underside of the bow.

Step 1:  Make a Bow Pull the tail loop tight and then cut it at the bottom with scissors to create two tails.

Step 2:  Attach Bow to Wreath Use floral wire to attach the bow to the wreath.  You can place the bow wherever you would like.

Step 3:  Trim Bow Tails Use scissors to trim the bow tails to the desired length after you have attached the bow to the wreath.

Get the full tutorial and learn how to easily hang the wreaths on your windows via the link below!