DIY Picture Ledge

Learn how to make a beautiful picture ledge to display your artwork using 3 inexpensive wood boards.

Materials & Tools - (2) 1x4 boards - (1) 1x2 board - Clamps - Wood Glue - Wood Screws - Drill - Brad Nailer - Brad Nails - Speed Square - Sand Paper - Safety Glasses - Dust Mask

How the boards will Attach to each other 1x4 back attached to 1x4 bottom using screws. 1x2 front attached to 1x2 bottom using brad nails.

Step 1 : -Attach 1x4's to Each other using wood glue, clamps & screws.

Step 1 : -Work your way down the board drilling screws every 12-16 inches.

Step 2 : -Attach the 1x2 using wood glue, clamps and brad nails.

Step 3 : -Sand using 120 grit followed by 220 grit. Then apply a stain and polyurethane.

Step 4 : -To hang the picture ledge on the wall, simply screw it into studs using 3" construction screws.

For the full tutorial & Tips on Styling your Picture Ledges click the link below!