One Room Challenge Week 3: Laundry Room Floor

One Room Challenge Week 3 Laundry Room Floor

It’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge which means that I’m half way there! My progress since last week was getting the new tile floor installed in my laundry room. On my last update I talked about how I removed the old ugly floor tiles.  I even provided a tutorial in hopes that others will be less intimidated by removing tile floors after they see how easy it was.  Below is a progress photo that I shared from week two that shows the old tile in my laundry room.  It was a horrible dirty tan color with cracks and missing grout in places.  I wanted to update the floor to something brighter and cleaner.

How to Remove Floor Tile - One Room Challenge Week 2

New Tile Selection

I had a few boxes of tile left over from my bathroom remodel.  The specific tile is called Cararra Gris and each tile is 10″x13″.  It should be noted that it isn’t recommended for flooring applications as it is technically a wall tile. I had purchased it from The Tile Shop last year when I remodeled my bathroom and never got around to returning the boxes that I didn’t use.  Luckily, what I had left was just enough for my laundry room floor (at least I thought) ;).

Every time that we’ve tiled rooms in our home in the past my husband has handled it.  This time I decided to take the project into my own hands and tackle the tile floor on my own.  It was actually way easier than I had expected.  My only issue was that I made two dumb mistakes with cuts and ended up one tile short in the end.  Luckily I was able to get a single tile from The Tile Shop the next morning.

One Room Challenge Week 3 Laundry Room Floor

I can’t wait until this project is completely finished because my upstairs hallway is a complete disaster right now.  My washer and dryer along with all of the other tools that I’ve been using are scattered all over the place.  Just look at my sad dog.  She’s over this project too!

One Room Challenge Week 3 Laundry Room Floor

Finished Floor

I used warm gray grout which is a very light gray.  It paired well with the tiles and brought out some of the marbling colors in the Cararra Gris tile.  I like that it provides a little bit of contrast without being to dark.One Room Challenge Week 3 Laundry Room Remodel

New Light

This past week wasn’t only about the floor tile.  I was also able to replace the ceiling light. The old light in my laundry room was not only ugly but it also didn’t put off nearly enough light for the room.  I wanted to install a new light that was a little more flush with the ceiling and had a cleaner look.  I also needed something that was brighter.  Here is a picture with the old light.

One Room Challenge Laundry Room Remodel

Now, the ceiling looks like this.  This new light was on sale for $30 at Home Depot and it looks so much better in this tiny laundry room.  It’s an LED light so it is WAY brighter than old one.

One Room Challenge Laundry Room Remodel

I’m picking up my new trim and wall tile on Saturday so I’ll be focused next week on getting that installed.  I can’t wait to show you guys what it looks like.  I’ve spent the last two weeks focused on the floor so it’ll be nice to move to the walls now and add some more contrast and interest to the space.  This next week I also plan to get started on my utility sink base.  So far everything is going as planned.

If you would like to look back at my original design plan or previous progress posts click the links below.

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You can also visit the One Room Challenge blog to see room transformations from several bloggers.  They have featured and guest participants.  I’ve had a blast following all of the other designers progress and I can’t wait to see the finished rooms.

One Room Challenge Guest Participant

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I’ll be posting my progress each Thursday for the next three weeks with the final reveal posted on Thursday May 9th.

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