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I’m so happy to be making more progress on my master bedroom.  This past week I finished building a DIY upholstered bed (tutorial coming soon!) and I partnered with Wayfair to finally get some much needed nightstand decor!  Wayfair has so many products to choose from so it was super easy to find items that made my nightstand chic and girly and my husband’s nightstand practical and masculine.  Let’s talk some more about my master bedroom nightstand decor and what I’m still planning on doing to this room.

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Master Bedroom Before

Master bedroom before

Master bedroom before

If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen these terrible before photos.  We didn’t have a proper bed and we only had one nightstand which wasn’t even the right size for our room.  On top of that, I bought a new comforter a while back and it was too small for my duvet.  I thought that a king size was standard but that isn’t the case at all!

Master Bedroom – Current Status

NIghtstand Decor Ideas

NIghtstand Decor Ideas

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For the first phase of my master bedroom refresh I designed and built two matching nightstands.

Next, I  built a DIY upholstered bed.  I’ll be sharing the full tutorial in the coming weeks but for those of you that want the look without making it yourself, here is a very similar bed.

The big projects are finished so now I’m in the decorating stage which is a ton of fun.  I found a comforter that actually fits in my duvet! Then I moved onto decking out my new nightstands with some his and her decor from Wayfair.

Master Bedroom Nightstand Decor


You’ve got to have lamps on your nightstands right?  I set out to find two matching lamps that had a small enough base to fit on our relatively narrow nightstands but were tall enough to not be dwarfed by the large headboard that I built.  I’m a sucker for anything mercury glass so when I saw the Rockwood chrome table lamp set I knew they were for me.  As a complete bonus, they have built in USB chargers in the base.  Super cool!

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Feminine Nightstand Decor

NIghtstand Decor Ideas

Ring Holder

On my side I really only needed one item which is a ring holder.  The lotus flower ring holder was just the feminine look that I was going for.

NIghtstand Decor Ideas 2

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Faux Flowers

I would absolutely love to have fresh flowers on my nightstand all the time but let’s be real, I’m not paying for flowers every week.  They are way too expensive.  So I set out to find some realistic looking faux flowers and was so happy with the selection that Wayfair had.  I chose a bouquet of white roses and hydrangeas.

NIghtstand Decor Ideas 2

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Masculine Nightstand Decor

NIghtstand Decor Ideas 2

Alarm Clock

I wanted to get an alarm clock for my husband’s nightstand but wanted it to look modern and masculine.  I think the Jensen alarm clock checks both of those boxes.  It’s quite an upgrade from the dated alarm clock that we had been using since the early 2000’s.

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Trinket Dish

My husband used to put his watches, wallet and keys on our TV stand so I wanted to get him something so that he would have a dedicated space to put his small items.  The trinket dish that I chose comes in two different sizes.  I went with the smaller one given the size of our nightstands.  I was pleased to see that you could add a monogram for no additional fee.  When my husband saw it he was so surprised and thanked me over and over again.  I think that this would make a great gift for any guy.

NIghtstand Decor Ideas

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Nightstand decor ideas feminine and masculine

What’s next?

There isn’t much left for me to do in my master bedroom.  I’ll be changing out the curtains and I may change the decorative pillow on the bed but that’s all that I have planned.  I feel like the headboard is tall enough that I don’t need anything on the wall above the bed.  I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on that.  Let me know in the comments.

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