Soft Chew Dog Treats

homemade soft chew dog treats

I just love making homemade treats for my dog.  There is no worry about what ingredients are used or if they are good quality when you make them from scratch.  Plus, you can save a ton of money making treats at home. 

The good quality treats from the stores cost an insane amount of money!  For my post this week I’ll be sharing my recipe for soft chew dog treats.  They are made with just 4 ingredients and they are super easy to make.

I’ll be visiting my parents this coming weekend and wanted to give them some treats for their dog Bear. 

Funny story, Bear was actually my dog from college but when I moved out of my parents house they asked if they could keep him.  They were extremely attached so how could I say no to that? 

I adopted Bear when he was 5 years old and now he is 16 so he’s no spring chicken.  He’s had most of his teeth pulled and he’s unable to chew hard dog treats so these soft chew treats are perfect for him.  He’s going to love them!

Soft Dog Treats – Ingredients

For this recipe you’ll need just 4 ingredients (not counting the water).  They include, peanut butter, bananas, baking powder and wheat flour.  One thing to note before giving a dog peanut butter is that the ingredient xylitol, an artificial sweetener used in some peanut butter is deadly to dogs.  Natural peanut butters are just fine for dogs and I’ve never met a dog that doesn’t drool obsessively over it.  Just be sure to check that the peanut butter you are using is dog safe.

homemade soft chew dog treats

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Soft Dog Treats – Supplies

You can use any type of cookie cutter to make these but if you want them to be bone shaped, you can find several sizes on Amazon.  

Dog Bone Cookie Cutter – 6 Piece Set
  • DOG TREATS CUTTERS: Dog lover choice, 6 assorted sizes dog bone cutters, perfect for making dog bone shaped biscuit. You can make pet themed party or make dog treats with your family.

They also have some other cute shapes like dog footprints, dog houses and more.  I used the 4.5″ size bone since both dogs are big.  If you use the smaller sizes, you’ll want to reduce the time that you bake the treats.

Dog Treat Cookie Cutter Set
  • 🐕[7PCS Dog Biscuit Cutter Set] The Dog shaped cutter sets include 7 pieces dog shaped cutters.4 pieces dog shaped cutters,1 piece done bone shape cutters,1 piece dog house shape baking cutouts,and 1pieces large dog paw print treats cutter.

Also, if you would prefer harder treats, roll the mix thinner than the 1/4″ that I call out in the recipe and/or increase the baking time.  Scroll down to get the full recipe that you can download and print for easy reference.

Here are a few large photos of the process.

All of the ingredients mixed together.

homemade soft chew dog treats

Rolled out to about 1/4″ thickness and then cut with dog bone cookie cutter.

homemade soft chew dog treats

Laid out on the cooling rack before the taste test by Abby.

homemade soft chew dog treats

Peanut Butter & Banana Soft Chew Dog Treats

Makes about 2 dozen treats.  The treats will keep for about a week.  Freeze what you won’t use in a week to give to your pup later.  

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes


  • 2 Bananas
  • 1 cup Natural Peanut Butter MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT CONTAIN XYLITOL!
  • 2 cups Wheat Flour
  • 1 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/4 cup Water


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F

  2. Mash the bananas in a large bowl.

    Mashed bananas in a glass bowl.
  3. Add the peanut butter to the bananas and mix well. 

    Peanut butter mixed with mashed bananas in a glass bowl.
  4. Add the baking powder, flour and water and mix well.  

    Mixed dough for soft dog treats recipe in a glass bowl.
  5. Use a rolling pin to roll out the mixture until it is about 1/4″ thick and then cut out the treat shapes using your cookie cutter.  

    rolled out dough.
  6. Line a baking pan with parchment paper (or spray with non-stick spray).  Then bake the treats for 10 minutes, flip the treats and then bake for another 10-15 minutes.  

  7. Let treats cool before serving.  

    homemade soft chew dog treats

Abby certainly loves these treats and I’m sure that Bear will too.  Just look at that face as she takes the treat from my hand!  I can’t stop laughing!

peanut butter banana dog treat
homemade soft chew dog treats

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Have you ever made homemade treats for your dogs?  What’s your favorite recipe?


    1. I’m not a professional when it comes to dog nutrition but when I googled it this is what I found. “The good news is that none of the flours you’re likely to see on your store shelves are actually dangerous for your dog. However, white flour is highly processed and has no nutritional value whatsoever, so please don’t use that in Fido’s treats.”,use%20that%20in%20Fido's%20treats.

      I either use gluten free flour or whole wheat flour when I make treats for my dog. They don’t seem to upset her stomach at all. I have to imagine that they are better for her than a lot of the store bought treats.

  1. Do you know what the conversion would be for oat flour? I tried to google and couldn’t find a solid answer, but maybe I’m not using the appropriate terminology. Tia!

    1. If measuring by weight the conversion is 1:1
      If measuring by amount it’s 1 1/4 cup oat flour to 1 cup whole wheat flour. 😊

  2. My dachshund just had most of is upper teeth removed this week and I’m on the hunt for a good soft treat recipe for him…

    Are you putting the baked treats in the freezer or the dough to bake later?

  3. Oh thank you for this recipe. Our little 6# poodle too, has few teeth and can’t eat hard crunchy snacks. Our little Kady thanks you too. Happy Holidays.

    1. I would recommend keeping them in the refrigerator since they aren’t as dry as typical dog treats. I usually portion them out in batches and keep a week’s worth in the refrigerator at a time. I sometimes freeze the rest if I don’t give them away.

  4. Do you know the baking time conversion for using a countertop convection oven rather than a regular oven? I am sure our 14 year old pug will love these!

    1. I don’t have a countertop convection so I’m not 100% sure. I did a quick google search and it looks like there are suggestions for conversions on other sites. Sorry.

  5. I made these a couple of weeks ago and I’m getting ready to make them again. Our 2 toy poodles love them and because they are soft they have no problem at all. Our older poodle has lost some teeth but these are soft for him.
    I had about a cup of pumpkin left from another recipe that my wife made. I added it your recipe with a little extra wheat flour. They turned out great, thank you for such a wonderful recipe.

    1. Thanks for the comment Phil. It makes me so happy to know that other dogs out there are enjoying this recipe. Pumpkin would be a great addition.

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