Easy DIY Console Table

My husband and I were cleaning out our basement a few months ago and we found a bunch of oak spindles that the previous owner left us.  I was really excited because  I knew that I could put them to good use and make a piece of furniture.  I’ve always wanted a console table for my upstairs hallway so I built just that! 

Since I didn’t pay for the oak spindles that I used to make the base of the console table, I splurged and bought some African mahogany for the top.  Even with that top the piece only cost me about $100.  If you’re interested in making your own easy DIY console table keep scrolling for the build plans and some extra tips for a successful build. 

Easy DIY Console Table

*Note that while I used oak spindles and African mahogany for my table, the build plans use standard 2×2 boards for the base and a 2×8 board for the top.  

The dimensions of this table are 40″ wide x 12-3/4″ deep and 32-1/4″ tall. 

Easy DIY Console Table

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How to Make a DIY Console Table

On to what you’ll need to complete this build…

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Miter Saw 

Table Saw 

Pocket hole jig 


Tape Measure


Ear Protection

Eye Protection

Dust Mask


(5) – 2×2 x 96″ boards

(1) – 2×8 x 96″ board

 (88) -2.5″ pocket hole screws

(12) – 2″ screws

Wood glue



Below is a picture of the oak spindles that I found in my basement.  Note that these are 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ however the plans utilize standard 2×2 boards that are 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″.  So if you happen to use oak spindles for your build be sure to adjust your dimensions accordingly.  

Easy DIY Console Table

There is no shortage of pocket holes on this build!  What’s great is that they are all on the bottom of the piece so you’ll never see them! 

Easy DIY Console Table

Sanding your 2×2 pieces before you start assembling the table is highly recommended.  Once it’s built there are a bunch of small areas that are going to be very difficult to access.  

Easy DIY Console Table

Assembly Sequence

First, I started by attaching the legs to the 36″ top support.  

Easy DIY Console Table

Then I added the 8-3/4″ top supports.

Easy DIY Console Table

And the other legs.   

Easy DIY Console Table

For even spacing between each board I cut two pieces of scrap wood to exactly 1-3/8″ to use as spacers.  

Easy DIY Console Table

Build the bottom shelf before attaching it to the legs.  

Easy DIY Console Table

I also cut spacers to align the bottom shelf to the legs.  

Easy DIY Console Table

For the top I used a 2″ thick piece of African mahogany.  If you’re looking for something less expensive, the plans show the build using two 2×8 boards that are ripped down to allow for less overhang.  

Easy DIY Console Table

Easy DIY Console Table – Finished Photos

This console table fits my space perfectly and adds some much needed warmth to my upstairs hallway!   

Easy DIY Console Table
Easy DIY Console Table
Easy DIY Console Table
Easy DIY Console Table

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Easy DIY Console Table

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  1. Great tutorial! And very cute table! Thanks for linking up with us at the GATHERING OF FRIENDS LINK PARTY 8, pinning!

  2. This is a great console table and I must show this to my daughter who wants something similar for her home. Thanks for the great tutorial too, Hannah! I love my Kreg pocket hole jig so I’d have fun with this build. LOL

  3. Hey Hannah
    i love your Diy console table. i also try to build the table. and also love the dimention 40″ wide x 12-3/4″ deep and 32-1/4″. its perfect!!!

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