DIY Wall Shelves

DIY Wall Shelves Free Plans

This week I’m sharing plans for some oak DIY wall shelves that I built to hang in my guest bedroom/office. 

I was storing my Silhouette Cameo on top of my printer which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. I’m lucky that I didn’t break it.  To provide some more storage for my Silhouette and other craft items, I designed two simple oak shelves that match the desk that I built for the room a few months ago.

I went with oak to match the desk but also because the design has the 1×12 cantilevered off of the 1×6 and a hard wood is going to be more durable with a design like this.  It would work with pine as well if that’s your material of choice but I would definitely limit the amount of weight on the shelves as they could sag over time if too much weight is used. 

I love how these shelves turned out.  They look so nice in the corner of the room positioned above my printer and storage cart.  I now have the storage that I was in desperate need of and I added some wall décor at the same time!

DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans

Woodworking Comfortably in the winter

When I started making these shelves a few weeks ago it was a super cold day and snowing.  I work out of my attached garage which isn’t heated so if I want to do any work in cold weather I used to just tough it out.  However, this year my husband convinced me that we needed a heater for the garage and WOW does it make a difference! 

This isn’t a paid advertisement or anything like that.  My Ridgid Propane Heater is just amazing so I wanted to share it with you  in case you live in a cold weather climate like me and suffer through miserable builds in the winter months.  Hopefully now that spring is officially here we can kiss these bitter cold days goodbye.  Who else is totally ready for some warmth, green grass and flowers?

DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans

Just look at this little guy.  I can’t believe that this small heater manages to warm up my entire garage to a comfortable working temperature.  Why did I go so long without one?

DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans

Ok, enough about my heater.  Let’s talk about how I made these shelves.  Below is a list of tools and materials that you will need to complete the build. 

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DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans

How to Make DIY Wall Shelves



Drill Bit

Miter Saw 


Brad Nailer 

Tape Measure


Ear Protection

Eye Protection


1×12 x 72″ Board

1×6 x 72″ Board

1×2 x 72″ Board

(14) 2″ Screws

Brad Nails

Wood Glue

Sand Paper



DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans


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Step 1 – Make your cuts

First, cut each of the 72″ boards in half.  This will leave you with boards that are just shy of 36″ in length since you’ll lose the thickness of the blade from the cut.

DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans

Step 2 – Pre-drill the boards

Mark and pre-drill holes where the 1×6 will attach to the 1×12.

DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans
DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans
DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans
DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans

Step 3 – Screw the 1×6 into the 1×12

Use wood glue and 2″ screws to attach the 1×6 to the 1×12 board.  I left a 1″ lip at the bottom.  For detailed dimensions scroll up to download the pdf plans.

DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans

Step 4 Attach the 1×2 to the front

Finally, use wood glue and brad nails to attach the 1×2 to the 1×12.

DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans

And that’s it.  These shelves were super simple but add so much character and warmth to the room.  I’m happy to have a sensible place to store my silhouette and additional storage for craft items in the basket and buckets.  You can finish them with your choice of finish.  First, I sanded the oak boards with 120 grit and then 220 grit sand paper.  Then I applied Minwax Early American stain and followed with 3 coats of Minwax Semi Gloss Polyurethane.

DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans
DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans
DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans
DIY Oak Wall Shelves Free Plans

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DIY Wall Shelves Free Plans

If you’re interested in building the desk that matches these shelves (pictured below) you can find a full tutorial for that here.

Modern Industrial Desk Instagram Builders Challenge 6

Thanks for reading!


    1. Hi Jacob. I just screwed them directly into the studs. I had two studs behind my shelves so I put 4 screws in each shelf (two screws per stud).

    1. Sorry for the delayed response. I took some time off for the holiday. You’re probably already done by now but if not, you just want to use a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw that you are using.

  1. Hi Hannah
    Making the shelves but still confused about installation mounting to the wall. Where did you put the screws, I cannot see them. How did you hide the screws?

    1. Hi Tami. I screwed the back board directly into the wall studs. If I took the décor off of the shelves you would see the screws.

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