DIY Spring Tulip Wreath

My Easter wreath from a few years ago was looking very faded and dull so it was time for a new spring wreath to adorn my front door.  I found bushes of small tulips on sale for $1.99 each so I purchased 5 different colors to create a DIY spring tulip wreath with a rainbow pattern.  Since I was able to re-use the grapevine wreath base from my old wreath, this DIY cost me less than $10!  Here is a full tutorial to make this simple wreath on your own!

How to make a DIY spring tulip wreath

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18″ Grapevine wreath base

5 small bushes of faux tulips 

Hot glue


Hot glue gun

Step 1 – Select your tulip bushes

How many tulips do you need for a wreath?

If you are using an 18″ wreath base and the small tulip bushes that I have linked, 5 of the bushes should be sufficient to make a very full wreath.  Each bush has 18 small tulips on it so in total you will have 90 small tulips.  There is also greenery in each of the bushes that you can use to fill in your wreath and add more color.

Here is a picture of some of the spring tulip bush options that were at my local Michaels store.  I picked up a variety of colors to create a rainbow look for my wreath.  They had more colors around the corner as well.

Small bushes of tulips

Here is an example of two of the bushes that I purchased.  As you can see, there are multiple shades of the two different colors incorporated in each of the bushes.

DIY spring tulip wreath buses of tulips

I broke apart the tulips and leaves from the 5 bushes that I purchased and then arranged the tulips by color to create a rainbow.  Since there was a variety of shades within each bundle I got 12 different tulip colors in total out of them.

DIY Spring tulip wreath 1

Step 2 – Lay out your pattern

Lay your grapevine wreath flat on a surface where you can easily access your hot glue gun.  I didn’t feel like getting an extension cord so I made my wreath on the floor near an outlet.

DIY Spring Tulip Wreath Grapevine wreath base

Arrange the tulips around your wreath in the pattern that you desire.  Doing this before you start gluing on the flowers is key to make sure that your spacing is even.  You’ll know exactly where to start each color!

DIY spring tulip wreath 2

Step 3 – Attach tulips with hot glue

Use a hot glue gun and glue to attach each of the tulips.  While it looks like a tedious process, this probably only took me 15 minutes in total.

DIY spring tulip wreath 3

Step 4  – Add remaining greenery from bushes

The wreath looks great even without the leaves and greenery from the bushes but if you would like to add more color and volume to the wreath you can attach those with a hot glue gun as well.  Be sure to lay out the leaves around the wreath to figure out spacing before you glue them down.

I first added the thicker leaves by gluing them just under the outer tulips.

DIY spring tulip wreath 4

The thinner leaves (looks more like a grass) are much longer so I actually glued them to the back of the grapevine wreath base.

DIY spring tulip wreath 5

This is what it looks like from the front.

DIY spring tulip wreath 6

DIY Spring Tulip Wreath

This rainbow tulip wreath is perfect for Easter and spring.  Here are some photos of the finished wreath on my front door.  They were selling a similar wreath to this at the store for $59.99 so I’m thrilled that it only cost me $10 in materials to make a DIY version.

DIY Spring Tulip Wreath 11

DIY Spring tulip wreath 10

DIY Spring tulip wreath 9

DIY Spring tulip wreath 8

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DIY Rainbow Spring Tulip Wreath

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