DIY Spring Pillow

DIY Spring pillow iron on vinyl and pom poms

Ok, I know that spring is still a month away but I don’t care!  We’ve had an unseasonably warm winter here in Cincinnati so if it feels like spring I say that it’s perfectly fine to start decorating for spring.  Today I’m sharing how I made this super simple DIY Spring Pillow.  I bought a light pink pillow cover at IKEA for $3.99, added some Iron on Vinyl in spring colors and made some coordinating pom poms that I sewed onto the corners.  Keep reading for detailed steps and materials.

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Iron on Vinyl – Pastel Sampler

Pillow Cover

Pillow Insert


Sewing kit


Vinyl cutting machine

Pom pom maker



How to make this DIY Spring Pillow

Step 1 – Cut & Weed the Vinyl

You’ll want to be sure to use Iron on Vinyl for this project.  I purchased the Iron on Vinyl – Pastel Sampler from Cricut and it was great because it had one sheet of each color (hence my design).  I used about 1/4 of each sheet so there is still plenty left over for future projects!

I found the SVG files on  I then uploaded them to Silhouette studio and cut them on my Silhouette Cameo.  Here are links to the three that I downloaded.  There are so many more on that site too!

If this is your first time using iron on vinyl I would recommend that you watch this video from Cricut.

Step 2 – Apply the Vinyl to the Pillow Cover

I purchased the 20″x20″ GURLI  pillow cover from IKEA in the light pink color.  It’s great quality and only costs $3.99!  If you don’t have an IKEA near you here is a similar one from Amazon.

IKEA Gurli Pillow Cover

Before you Iron anything lay out your design to make sure that it fits well.  Then after you have everything aligned preheat the pillow cover with your Iron on it’s highest setting.

DIY Spring Pillow with iron on vinyl

Once the vinyl is where you want it, place a thin cotton towel over the vinyl then iron pressing firmly for 25-30 seconds until you’ve ironed all of the vinyl.  A few tips here.

  1. Make sure that the steam setting is turned OFF on your iron
  2. When you move the iron pick it up and then place it back down.  A sweeping motion with the iron may cause the vinyl to shift which is the last thing that we want!
  3. If your ironing board is super padded like mine you may want to use a piece of wood under the pillow cover.  A harder surface under the vinyl will make it easier to stick.
  4. If parts of your vinyl do not adhere use the tip of your iron directly on the plastic film to get them to stick.  Again, watch this video if you are not experienced with iron on vinyl.
DIY Spring Pillow with Iron on Vinyl

Since Irons have holes in them I like to first press down vertically and then do it again horizontally.

DIY Spring Pillow with Iron on Vinyl
DIY Spring Pillow with Iron on Vinyl

Step 3 – Make Pom Poms!

There are several ways to make pom poms but from everything that I’ve read, a pom pom maker is the way to go.  I bought a kit with 4 different sizes for under $7 so they are very inexpensive.  The yarn that I used is from Michaels.  I wasn’t able to find this exact color online but here is a similar one on Amazon.  Since the yarn has multiple colors I was able to make pom poms that were different colors all using the same yarn!  I used the smallest of the pom pom makers since I wanted three on each corner.

DIY Pom Poms

Step 4- Attach the Pom Poms

I’m not one to sew but I am capable of sewing some pom poms on to the corners of a pillow.  It may have taken me way longer than acceptable to thread a needle but other than that I survived.  Since my pom poms came out three different colors I first attached the light purple ones, then placed the next color to the left and the last color to the right.

DIY Pom pom pillow for spring
DIY Pom pom pillow for spring
DIY Pom pom pillow for spring

That’s it!  Once the pom poms are attached you can put your pillow insert in and get to decorating.

DIY Spring Pillow with Iron on Vinyl

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DIY Spring pillow iron on vinyl and pom poms

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Where would you put this spring pillow? Let me know in the comments.


    1. Thanks Allyson. I thought that the completed the look well. The pillow was pretty boring without them.

  1. This is gorgeous! You snuck in there at the end of the party, so am only seeing it now after I’ve already put together the features, so I’ll feature it next week. thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  2. Wow, buying a plain pllow cover and then decorating it yourself is so much more affordable than purchasing one that’s ready to go from a store. Thanks for sharing this DIY with us at #OMHGWW

    1. Yes Alicia! Especially when you get the pillow covers at IKEA for $3.99. You really can’t beat it! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. This is such a cute project! I’m a sucker for anything with pompoms! I’ll be featuring this on the next Ultimate Pinterest Party!

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