DIY Resin Soap Dish


Today I’m sharing how to make your own DIY soap dish using resin and dried flowers. You’ll create a beautiful bar soap holder that makes a great handmade gift!

Last year I made resin coasters with pressed flowers and I had a bunch of flowers and epoxy left over from that project. I’ve been thinking about how I could use up those materials and when I came across soap dish molds on Amazon I knew that would be the perfect use!

I make my own bar soap all the time so a pretty soap dish to compliment my handmade soaps got me very excited. They turned out so beautiful. I couldn’t be happier!

How to Make a DIY Soap Dish using Resin and Pressed Flowers

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Silicone Soap Dish Mold

Epoxy Resin Kit (Includes: resin, hardener, measuring cups, gloves & wooden stir sticks)

Dried Pressed Flowers

Butane Lighter


Rubbing alcohol

Safety glasses


Step 1 – Level your work surface

When working with epoxy resin it is critical that your work surface is perfectly level. When you pour the resin into your mold it will not be level if your work surface is not level. I learned this the hard way. 😉

If your table is not level you could place something under the table leg(s) to level your work surface. I have a craft board that I use for my projects and I leveled it by placing folded towels under the low corners.

Be sure that the work surface is level in both directions – side to side and front to back.

Step 2 – Clean the molds

You can clean the resin soap dish mold by spraying them with rubbing alcohol. Make sure that there isn’t any debris in the mold.

Step 3 – Mix half of the epoxy resin

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix the epoxy resin and make enough to fill the soap dish molds half way.

You’ll want to pour epoxy resin half way up the mold and then set the flowers in place.

Once that has cured enough you can pour the remaining epoxy resin to completely fill the molds. If you pour it all at once the flowers will float to the top of the mold.

Step 4 – Pour the epoxy resin into the mold

Pour the mixed epoxy resin into the mold until it fills the mold half way high.

Step 5 – Add dried flowers

Place your dried flowers directly on top of the epoxy resin. Keep in mind that the mold is upside down so the side of the flower that is face down in the resin will actually be the visible side of the flower when you remove the cured resin from the mold.

You can add as many flowers as you want in any pattern. Get creative and have fun with this part!

I used tweezers to add the flowers to avoid getting resin on my fingers and handle the delicate dried flowers.

Step 6 – Pop the bubbles

If there are bubbles on the top of the epoxy resin you can pop those using a flame. I just use a long grill lighter.

Step 7 – Let the first half of the resin cure

Now you’ll need to wait a few hours for the resin to cure enough to keep the flowers in place before you add the remaining resin. 4-6 hours is usually sufficient for this step.

Step 8 – Mix and add the remaining epoxy resin

Once the first half is cured enough, mix another batch of epoxy resin and pour that directly on top of the first half of resin. The flowers should be set in place and not float. Continue pouring epoxy resin until the soap dish mold is completely full.

If there are bubbles on the top of the resin you can pop them with a lighter.

Step 9 – Let the epoxy resin cure and then remove from the mold

The last step is to let the epoxy resin fully cure following the manufacturer’s directions. Once it is fully cured you can peel the epoxy soap dish from the silicone mold.

You may have noticed from the photos that I made two different Soap dishes. The silicone molds came with two different shapes so I made a rectangular soap dish and an oval soap dish. I like them both but if your soap bars are rectangular they may be too big to fit into the oval soap dish.

Rectangular Epoxy Soap Dish

Here are some more finished photos of the rectangular soap dish.

The mold creates ridges that allow the soap to rest above the water in the dish which is important to allow your bar soap to last longer.

Oval Resin Soap Dish

Now, for some close up shots of the oval DIY soap holder!

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These pressed flower resin soap dishes are so pretty and liven up my bathroom. I hope that you enjoy yours just as much as I do.

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