DIY Painted Soap Bars

DIY Painted Bee Soap Bars with Mica Powder

I finally ran out of my DIY owl soap bars that I made last fall so it was time to make more.  You know me though, I had to try something new this time around.  I found some super cute bee honeycomb soap molds on Amazon (linked below) and immediately had the idea to add mica powder to the soap bars to bring out the detail.  Keep reading for the full tutorial on these DIY painted soap bars.

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1 Soap Molds

1 Lb Melt and Pour Goats Milk Soap Base

Essential Oils

Mica Powder

Rubbing Alcohol

Paint Brush

DIY Painted soap bars


Step 1 – Melt the Soap Base in the Microwave

Start by cutting the goats milk soap base into small chunks and then place them in a microwave safe dish.  For this mold you will get exactly 6 soap bars per 1 Lb Melt and Pour Goats Milk Soap Base .  The soap base that I linked comes with 2 pounds so in total you will get 12 bee soap bars if you use both halves of the soap base.

DIY Owl Soap Bars

Then, microwave the goats milk soap base in 30 second increments.  Stir after each 30 seconds until all of the chunks are completely melted.  Every microwave will differ but for me it took 90 seconds to fully melt the soap base.

DIY Painted soap bars

Step 2 – Add Your Favorite Scent

Add 10-15 drops of your favorite Essential Oils into the melted soap base then stir together.

Step 3 – Pour the soap into the Mold

Pour the melted soap base into the mold and then let the mold sit untouched for at least 2 hours to fully cure.

DIY Painted soap bars

Step 4 – Remove the Soap Bars From the Mold

Next, remove the soap bars from the mold.  The silicone molds are great for making soap. I’ve never had any issues with them.  The soap comes out perfectly clean every time!

DIY Painted soap bars

Step 5 – Paint the Soap Bars with Mica Powder

Pour some of the Mica Powder into a disposable cup and then add a few drops of alcohol until it becomes a paint like consistency.  Then brush the mica paint onto the soap wherever you would like.  I went with a pretty shimmery gold mica powder and decided to paint just the bee and a few of the hexagons opposite of the bee.  I think that the soap is cute even without the paint but it does add a fancy touch.  If you were wondering if it comes off when you wash your hands the answer is yes.  The first time you use this soap the paint will wash off.

DIY Painted soap bars

These are seriously some of the prettiest soaps I’ve seen.  The gold has the perfect shimmer to it.  It’s hard to believe that I made these soaps in less than 30 minutes (not including cure time).  It’s such an easy DIY project that I think would sell for a very nice profit if someone were to actually sell these.

DIY Painted soap bars

DIY Painted soap bars 6

DIY Painted Bee Soap Bars with Mica Powder

Other Soap Ideas!

I’ve made a variety of soap bars using the goats milk soap base.  Here are a few more tutorials if you like this one!  The owl soaps are perfect for fall and the floral soap bars are just as pretty as this tutorial.

Owl Soap Bars

Floral Soap Bars

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These soap bars a little extra but I think that they would make such a nice gift for family and friends.  Plus, now that everyone knows how to properly wash their hands, who wouldn’t appreciate soap as a gift.  😉


  1. These are so cute! I love the bee and honeycombs so much!
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