DIY Painted IKEA TRAMPA Doormat

How to make a DIY painted Doormat using Ikea Trampa

If you’re like me and continuously change your front porch mat with every season then this post is for you!  Cute door mats are freaking EXPENSIVE!  I see ones that I totally love on sites like West Elm and Anthropologie but seriously, I can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a doormat.  I mean come on, you literally wipe your dirty feet on them!  I’ve seen other people buy the plain door mats and paint them and some look great but others aren’t quite crisp with the paint lines.   I wanted something that looked store bought but cost around $10 and I’m happy to say that I was able to accomplish this and made my own DIY painted IKEA TRAMPA doormat.

I first started looking for plain doormats on Amazon because I love the convenience.  They were really pricey though.  Honestly, I was perplexed at how much they were.  Then, I was at IKEA and came across their TRAMPA doormats.  They have two sizes to choose from.  The smaller one is the size of a typical doormat that you’d buy at most stores (1′-4″ x 2′-0″) and costs $4.99.  They also had a larger one for $9.99 that is 2′-0″ x 2′-11″.  It’s by far the least expensive plain door mat that I was able to find and the quality was great too.

I was also able to keep the costs down for this project by signing up for the DecoArt blogger outreach program.  They have great paint products to choose from and provided me with free materials for this project.  If you’re not part of this program don’t worry.  Their paints are only $1.29 each at Michaels so they are pretty much a steal even if you don’t get them for free.  You could even get a sampler color pack on Amazon if that’s more convenient.  I’ve linked to this below in the materials section.

Here is a breakdown of the supplies that you will need for this project.  This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.  Thanks for the support!


Plain Doormat (Amazon) or IKEA TRAMPA doormat

Acrylic Paint

Mod Podge

Paint Brushes

Vinyl Cutting Machine

Painters Tape

Directions – DIY Painted Doormat

Step 1 – Prep your doormat

Before you get started, you’ll want to shake out your doormat to get rid of any loose material.  If there are any oddly long fibers cut those down to

Step 2 – Design – Free SVG File

License info: 100% free for personal use only.  Files cannot be resold, modified or used commercially.

If you like the design that I made you can enter your name and email in the form below and we’ll send the free SVG file straight to your inbox!

  Or if you’re here to see the process but you want to use your own design that’s fine too!  I use a Silhouette Cameo for my projects.  I made the design in Canva and then imported it into Silhouette studio.  Below is a horrible picture of what it looked like in the design software.  It was late at night when I made this so sorry about the poor lighting.

DIY Painted IKEA TRAMPA Door Mat

Step 3 – Layout your Design

Once you have your design printed, cut it out and position it on your mat.  It’s always good to line everything up before actually sticking it to the doormat.  This will ensure that things are as evenly spaced as possible.  You can see below where I’ve made my stencils and laid them on the mat to get a rough feel for where I wanted them.

DIY Painted IKEA TRAMPA Door Mat

Step 4 – Attach your stencils

For the smaller pieces I didn’t see a need for transfer paper.  For the text however, it was critical that I used transfer paper to align it properly.  I also added painters tape around the text to secure it even more.  Once the stencil is down, go over the spots that you want to stencil and the edges of the stencil with Mod Podge.  This does two things.  First, it helps to secure the stencil better to the door mat and allow for crisper lines.  Second is that it fills in some of the voids in the mat to allow for better paint coverage.  I think that this step is critical and I’m willing to bet that many of the door mats that have bleeding under the stencils skipped this step.

DIY Painted IKEA TRAMPA Door Mat

Step 5 – Paint!

I let my Mod Podge dry overnight since I started this late in the evening.  That said, it doesn’t take that long to dry.  Once it’s fully dry you can use a paint brush to apply the paint of your choice.  I used DecoArt Americana Acrylic paints.  I chose bright summery colors so that I could add a little bit of flair to this doormat.  This is about as crazy as I get people.  You know that I love gray and white!

I painted one stencil at a time and then removed it immediately before the paint dried to avoid paint peeling off when I removed the stencil.

DIY Painted IKEA TRAMPA Door Mat
DIY Painted IKEA TRAMPA Door Mat

Here is a breakdown of the colors that I used on my DIY painted doormat

  • Boysenberry Pink
  • Tangerine
  • Sunny Day
  • Mint Julep Green
  • Blue Harbor
  • Lilac Meadow
  • Lamp (Ebony) Black

I’m very happy with how this project turned out.  I’m not sure how it will hold up but I’ll update this post if I figure out that it isn’t weathering well.

DIY Painted IKEA TRAMPA Door Mat
DIY Painted IKEA TRAMPA Door Mat
DIY Painted IKEA TRAMPA Door Mat

And here are a few pictures of the finished DIY painted IKEA TRAMPA doormat on my front porch.

DIY Painted IKEA TRAMPA Door Mat 9
DIY Painted IKEA TRAMPA Door Mat 9
DIY Painted IKEA TRAMPA Door Mat 9

What do you think of it?  Have you ever painted your own doormat?  If this holds up it’ll definitely be something that I do every season!

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  1. I’m visiting from Inspire Me Monday. This is a DIY project where you could create your own template for a personnel doormat greeting of your choice. Very coo idea! Have a boogietastic week. 😉

    1. Thanks Linda. I was intimidated at first too but turns out that it’s way easier to use than I had imagined. Thank goodness for youtube videos!

  2. I’m curious! How did this hold up over time? I have lots of friends asking for door mats and I’ve encountered a number of different methods online. I know the Trampa door mats aren’t made of natural coir/coco fibre like most outdoor mats are. An update would be amazing!

    1. It has held up very well. I haven’t had any issues with the paint peeling off or wearing away. The mat itself is really good quality too.

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