DIY Necklace Holder With Free Laser Cut File

acrylic necklace hanger with wood base

For my first ever laser cutting craft I made a DIY necklace hanger and I can’t get over how simple it was to make!

This elegant acrylic necklace display would make a lovely handmade gift for any occasion. It can display up to 10 necklaces and the height can easily be modified to accommodate longer or shorter necklaces or even bracelets!

If you’re interested in making your own acrylic necklace display download our free cut file and follow the tutorial below.

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3mm transparent cast acrylic sheet

Wood for base


Laser cutting machine

Table saw

Router (optional)

Safety glasses

Dust mask

How to make a DIY necklace holder

Step 1 – Download the free SVG laser cut file

Enter your name and email in the form below and we’ll send the free necklace hanger laser cut file straight to your inbox.

Step 2 – Upload the laser cut file to your software program

Since I have an xTool P2 I used the xTool Creative Space software. If you have a laser cutting machine from another manufacturer you would need to upload to their appropriate software.

Upload the cut file

Step 3 – Position the cut file on the material

Position the cut file on the material. I love how easy the xTool P2 makes this process since it has dual cameras and automatic focusing. One thing that I realized after I made my cut is that I probably should have positioned the SVG further right or left to leave bigger scrap pieces for future projects. Did I mention that I’m a newbie? 😉

To ensure that the height of the DIY necklace hanger was adequate I laid the longest necklace that I have on the 3mm transparent acrylic material. While the necklace did fit on the SVG, I wanted to increase the height a bit to leave some space between the bottom of the longest necklace and the wood base that would be added to keep the acrylic upright.

DIY necklace hanger - adjusting height

If you are increasing the height I would recommend that you modify the width rather than the height. It should scale proportionately. The reason for this is that you’ll be cutting a wood base to match the width of the acrylic and you don’t want that to be some crazy dimension like 7.8723″. You get what I’m saying?

I increased the width from 7.5″ to 8″ (203.2 mm). The height automatically increased to 264.83 mm (10.43″).

Step 4 – Set your material and cut settings

For the material settings I used the default 3mm transparent acrylic option.

For the cut settings I went with 50% power and 15 mm/s speed. It cut like butter and only took a little over a minute to complete the job.

DIY necklace hanger - cut settings

Don’t forget to remove your necklace before you use your laser cutting machine!

Step 5 – Cut the DIY necklace hanger

Once your cut file is in place and you’ve set your material and cut settings you can process the job. If you’re using xTool Creative Space just select process, start and hit the button on your P2 machine!

laser cut necklace holder

Step 6 – Make a wooden base for the acrylic necklace hanger

You can use any type of wood that you want for this step. I went with a hardwood scrap that I had laying around. I’m not sure what species of wood it is but if you know leave me a comment!

For the thickness of the board you’ll want something that is 3/4″ – 1″ thick.

Cut your board

Cut your board to length matching the width of the acrylic necklace hanger. Mine was 8″ exactly so I cut the wood board to 8″ to start.

Wood base for jewelry display

Next, cut the width of the board to 1.5″.

For the last step you’ll need to cut a groove in the top of the board for the acrylic to sit down in.

Align your table saw blade so that it will cut half way into the material thickness.

necklace hanger

Then align your 1.5″ wood base to be centered and run the length of the wood across the blade cutting a notch into the full length of the wood. Keep in mind that you’ll need to account for the thickness of the blade. So when you are centering the board you want to measure to the center of the blade.

Also, note that this tutorial assumes you are using a standard 1/8″ table saw blade which will leave a groove that is perfectly sized for the 3mm acrylic sheet.

If you want the necklace display to angle back slightly, I would recommend adding a 5 degree angle to your table saw blade.

adding a slight angle to the necklace display

Here is top down view of the wood base after the groove was cut.

Slat in wood for acrylic necklace hanger base

As an optional step, you can add a rounded or slanted edge to the front top of the board using a router.

I added a slight angled edge on the front (left of the image below). This image also shows the slight 5 degree angle in the notch.

Profile of wood base

Finsish the base

Sand and finish the wood to your preference. The wood I choose is beautiful on it’s own so I just added some walrus oil to mine.

Step 7 – Insert the acrylic necklace hanger into the wood base

The final step is to push the acrylic necklace holder into the notch of the wood base. Now you can display your necklace collection and enjoy your hand crafted DIY necklace hanger.

Note that if your acrylic has a paper covering you’ll need to peel that off like I did.

DIY necklace display with free laser cut file

I love this necklace display. It’s going to be much easier for me to choose the necklace that I want to wear now that they are so organized.

Here is a good view of the acrylic slanted back just slightly.

DIY necklace holder with free laser cut file 2

This DIY necklace holder is a great beginner laser cutting project. I think it would make a great gift for any occasion. It would also be a lovely way to display necklaces for craft shows if that’s your thing!

I hope you’re ready for a bunch of laser cutting tutorials because I’m officially hooked! I also just made these acrylic napkin rings and seriously, this machine is so cool!


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