DIY Laptop Stand

How to make a diy wood laptop standMy husband and I have both been working from home since March. Each of us have a laptop for work and at least one additional monitor that we use to improve our productivity. To get the laptop at the same level as the other monitor we used whatever we had laying around the house to prop it up. In my husband’s case it was a few text books from college. I’m tired of looking at these books so this past week I built a DIY wood laptop stand that matches the desk that I built a few years ago. Below is a full tutorial for this build.

Here is the before picture so that you can see what I was working with.  DIY Wood laptop stand

I wanted the stand to match the furniture that I built for that room so for me the obvious choice was to use an oak top with faux metal legs.  That said, you could choose whatever species of wood or finish that you want to make it your own!  I would love to see this stand with some rose gold legs and a white top.  Here are the basics of what you will need for this build.  I’ve also linked sources to the specific materials that I used.  

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1×10 board (I ripped mine down to 8.5″ in width since I didn’t need the full 9.25″ width for my laptop.)

1×2 board

Wood glue

Wood Filler

Sand Paper

(6) 1-1/4″ Pocket Hole Screws



Spray paint


Miter Saw 


Table saw (only needed if you are trimming the width of your top board

Pocket hole jig 


Safety glasses

Ear protection

Dust mask

Directions – How to Make a DIY Wood Laptop Stand

Step 1 – Measure your laptop to determine the laptop stand dimensions 

The first thing that you’ll want to do is measure your laptop.  My husband’s laptop was roughly 8.5″ deep and 13.5″ wide.  To align the screen of his laptop with the bottom of his desktop monitor screen I needed to raise the laptop by roughly 3.5″.  Below are the specific measurements that I used. 

The faux metals legs are all made with 1×2 pine board.  The top piece is made with 1×10 oak board that I ripped to an 8.5″ width to match the depth of his laptop.  The overall dimensions of this laptop stand are 14″ wide x 8.5″ deep and 3.5″ tall.  

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

Modify these dimensions as needed to accommodate your laptop.  

Step 2 – Cut the boards 

For the cut list, I used the following:

  • (1) 1×10 oak board ripped to 8.5″ width and 11″ length
  • (4) 1×2 pine boards @ 7″ in length
  • (4) 1×2 pine boards @ 3.5″ in length

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

Step 3 – Glue the legs

I glued the legs together as shown below and let them sit in the Clamps overnight.  

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

Step 4 – Drill pocket holes in the top board

Inspect your top board to determine if there is one side that is better than the other.  If so, make the worse side the bottom and drill 3 pocket holes on opposite sides of the bottom as shown below.  The pocket screws will attach the top to the legs so be sure to drill the holes on the sides that match up with the dimensions of the legs.  

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

Step 5 – Apply wood filler and sand

Since I went for a faux metal look on the legs I loaded up the end grain with wood filler to give it a smoother look.  Below is a picture of the wood filler after I had applied it.  Once it dried I sanded it all smooth with 120 grit and then 240 grit sand paper.  I also sanded the top oak board.  

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

Step 6 – Apply the finish

There are endless options for finishes.  I chose to spray paint the legs to look like iron.  One trick that I’ve learned when using faux metal spray paint is to first spray the pieces with a flat black primer.  It creates a perfect base coat and will save you so much time and money since you won’t need nearly as many metal coats.  I used one coat of primer and three coats of the metal spray paint.  

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

For the top board I used Minwax Early American stain and a semi gloss polyurethane.  

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

Step 7 – Attach the Legs to the Top

I used my Bessey Clamps to align the legs with the top board and then used 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws to attach the top to the legs.  Don’t forget wood glue for this step but be careful not to use too much.  If it squeezes out it will make a mess on your finished pieces.  

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

Here are the finished photos of this laptop stand.  I’m much happier with the way that this desk looks now.  Plus I won’t have to be reminded of how hard dynamics class was when I walk into that room.  😉 


DIY Wood Laptop Stand

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

DIY Wood Laptop Stand

This laptop stand is a great way to raise your laptop to align with other monitors.  It’s also a great way to raise your laptop to eye level so that you aren’t looking down all day.  Not only is that bad for your neck, on video calls everyone looks up your nose and trust me, it isn’t flattering for anyone.  One other thing that I really like about the design is that you can store stuff underneath it like a notepad and pen or maybe your cellphone.  

If you like the look of this laptop stand you’ll love the other furniture tutorials that I have for this room.  

How to make a diy wood laptop stand

I hope that you found this tutorial helpful.  If you make one of your own please tag me on Instagram or Facebook so that I can share it! 


  1. Really nice furniture, Hannah! I was just admiring your desk (which I love that it matches your laptop stand!) and your Ikea nightstand hack table. 🙂 Really nice design and isn’t it nice to have the jig for pocket holes?! We don’t have that tool yet… I just some more clamps to work on the Victorian French Style Shelf I just finished putting back together. It was a piece given to my father-in-law about 15 or so years ago. I loved that the pocket holes were already drilled so all I had to do was find the right size screws for hardwood!

    Enjoy your beautiful furniture! Happy to feature your post at Share Your Style #268 this evening (8/12/20),
    Barb 🙂

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