DIY Floral Bath Bombs

DIY Floral Bath Bomb Tutorial

Hi friends.  This week I’m sharing my recipe for DIY floral bath bombs.  If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning you may have come across my first post ever which was a tutorial on how to make Lush inspired bath bombs.  The tutorial today is similar but I’ve excluded the food coloring and added some pretty flower petals to the top.   I’ve been on a total floral kick lately so I just can’t get enough of these bath bombs.  They are so simple yet so pretty.  


Only a few ingredients are needed and if you’ve made my floral soap bars or Floral bath salts before you should be pretty well set up.  Here’s what you’ll need to make 8 bath bombs.  

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How to make floral bath bombs

2 cups baking soda

1 cup corn starch

1 cup Citric Acid

1 cup Epsom Salt

2 tsp water

5 tsp melted Coconut Oil

15-20 drops of Essential Oils

Dried Flowers

Bath Bomb Molds

You should be able to find all of the ingredients at your local grocery store (aside from the Dried Flowers) but if you have any trouble finding some of the ingredients I would recommend heading over to Amazon.  The first time I made these I found a few very small bottles of citric acid in the canning section of my grocery store but that proved to be a difficult task with future batches so I just ordered a large bag from Amazon.  Also, while I have special bath bomb molds, you can use other types of molds as well. I’ve seen others use the plastic Easter eggs, tennis balls or plastic ornaments.

Now that you have your ingredients, let’s talk about how to make these easy DIY floral bath bombs.


Step 1

Pour the dry ingredients (baking soda, corn starch, citric acid and epson salts) into a medium bowl and stir together.

How to make floral lush bath bombs

Step 2

In a separate small bowl, heat up the coconut oil until it is completely melted.  For my microwave that takes 45-60 seconds.  Then add the remaining wet ingredients (water and essential oil) into the small bowl with the coconut oil.

Step 3

SLOWLY add and mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.  This part is critical.  Be sure to have patience and not pour too fast.  If you pour too fast, the wet ingredients will cause a reaction with the citric acid.  What I like to do is whisk the dry mix while slowly adding a few drops of the wet ingredients at a time.  Once the wet ingredients are mixed in, your mixture should feel like damp sand.  

Step 4 

In one half of your bath bomb mold , sprinkle a small amount of flower petals into the bottom.  This will become the top of your bath bomb after you squeeze the two halves together.  I have two bath bomb molds so you can see in the picture below where I’ve put a small amount of flower petals in one half of each of the two molds.  

How to make DIY Floral Bath bombs lush inspired

Step 5

Fill each half of the mold with the mix pressing it down FIRMLY with some extra mix extending over the top of the mold. Then firmly press the two halves together. I like to twist them a bit while pressing them together to squeeze the excess mix out from between the two halves.  Be aggressive so that they are packed tight and hold their shape.  Trust me, you won’t damage them if you push and twist too hard. 

How to make DIY Floral Bath Bombs

Step 6

Let the mold sit for at least 1 minute before removing the bath bomb.  You may need to lightly tap on the mold to release the bath bomb but it will typically come out very easily.  One thing to be careful about with this recipe is knowing which end the flowers are on.  You’ll want to release the bath bombs from the molds so that the flowers are at the top and not the bottom.  Another tip is that I usually just place them on parchment paper to make for easier cleanup.  You should get 8 bath bombs out of this recipe.  You might notice that there are only 6.5 in the picture below.  If you drop your mixture on the floor like I did you won’t get 8 either….OOPS!

How to make floral bath bombs

Step 7

Let the bath bombs sit for 12+ hours before storing them.  They will harden over this time.

How to make floral bath bombs

How to make floral bath bombs

Gift Basket Idea

I actually made these floral bath bombs just before Christmas to add to the gift baskets that I made my sisters.  These baskets included the floral bath bombs, floral soap bars and floral bath salts.   Aren’t they adorable?  My sisters really liked them.

Floral bath salt, bath bomb, bar soap gift basket


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DIY Floral Bath Bomb Tutorial

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    1. Thanks Angie. My sisters loved them and they paired perfectly with the floral soap and bath salts that I’ve made in the past.

  1. I love LUSH!!! I was first introduced to it in London about 16 years ago. You would walk down the street and the scent would come wafting out the open doors. Now, thanks to you, I can make my own! Thanks for sharing!

    Cottage Blessings,

  2. So lovely! I’ve always loved making soaps and bath products since I was a girl. You’ve inspired me to pull the bath bomb molds out of my stash and get creative!

  3. Wow! I have never thought about making my own bath bombs and these looks great. Thank you for sharing them at Fiesta Friday.

  4. Great tutorial! I thought they were supposed set in the molds overnight? I’m scared they will fall apart if I take them out too soon.

  5. i know this is an okd ooist, but i was wondering how the dries flower petals stay in the bomb? is there a trick, do you spray them with alcohol bfore adding the bomb mixture? please teach me!!

    1. If you push them down into the bath bomb before it cures you can get them to stick a little better. I usually only add flowers to my bath bombs when I’m going to display them in a small box as a gift. If they are able to roll around you’ll lose most of the flowers.

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