How to Make a DIY Laser Cut Leather Bookmark

I’ve been reading a lot lately and multiple books at a time. I only have one bookmark so I set out to create a new bookmark using my XTool P2 machine. Today I’m sharing my full process including the free cut files to make this super cool DIY bookmark out of faux leather sheet.

DIY laser cut leather corner bookmark with bee design

I’m a fan of corner bookmarks so I knew that was the way I wanted to go with the design. My only hurdle was that I don’t know how to sew which meant I needed to come up with a design that did not require any sewing. I had a few sheets of thin leather on hand and created a design that incorporates a bee that is partially scored (or engraved) and partially cut. To give the bookmark some more structure I glued two pieces of the thin leather together. The design was a bit tricky but once I figured that out, cutting it on my laser machine was super easy! Lucky for you I figured out the hard part and all you need to do to create this bookmark is download the free cut files and use your laser machine.

This project would make a great handmade gift for any book lover and Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner!

Here is the detailed tutorial so that you can make your own!

Materials to make a DIY laser cut bookmark

White leather sheet and glue stick on top of laser machine.

Tools required to make a DIY laser cut bookmark

Step 1 – Download the design

To make this design you’ll need 2 SVG files which I’m providing for free! The first is of the bee and can be either scored or engraved on the leather. Don’t worry, I have examples of both so you can decide which option you like better. The second file is the cut file which will cut the corner bookmark outline and the bottom of the bee that the page edge slides into. To download the free files just enter your name and email address in the form below and we’ll send them directly to your inbox.

Step 2 – Upload Designs into Software

I use XTool Creative space but if you have a Glowforge or other laser machine you’ll want to use a software compatible with your machine.

Upload both files into your design software. They will upload as two separate layers which is what you want.

Step 3 – Set material settings

Set your material settings in the software based on the material that you are using. I went with a white thin leather sheet from XTool which comes in the M1 material box. For the settings in Creative space I selected “Artificial Leather” with a thickness of 1mm.

white leather sheet in a laser cutting machine

Step 4 – Align the SVG Files

Place your leather sheet into the laser machine. Then align the SVG files on the sheet.

First, align the cut file (shown as green below) onto your leather sheet.

DIY laser cut bookmark 1

Next, align the other layer (bee design) so that it lines up perfectly with the inside cut of the corner bookmark. The bottom portion of the bee design will be cut to allow the corner of the page to slide through the bookmark.

You can see below that the cut file (bookmark and bottom of bee) are set to layer 1. The bee is a separate layer (layer 2).

Bee graphic

Step 5 – Engrave or Score the Bee

Before you cut the bookmark, you’ll need to engrave or score the bee. Both look great but I think I prefer the engraved option on the white leather.

Hide the other layer and ignore it in the object settings.

Score settings

  • Processing type: Score
  • Power: 7%
  • Speed: 160 mm/s
  • Pass: 1

This is what the image will look like if you select the score option.

DIY bee laser cut corner bookmark

Engrave settings

  • Processing type: Engrave
  • Power: 12%
  • Speed: 600 mm/s
  • Pass: 1
  • Lines per cm: 100
  • Engraving Mode: Bi-directional

This is what the image will look like with the engrave option.

engraved bee on white leather

Step 6 – Cut the Bookmark and Opening

Cut settings

  • Processing type: Cut
  • Power: 60%
  • Speed: 30 mm/s
  • Pass: 1
  • Tab generation: Off
laser cut bookmark on white leather

Repeat this step one more time to make the back of the bookmark. If you want the bee on the back as well you’ll want to repeat step 5 before you repeat this step.

Step 7 – Glue the two pieces of leather together

Apply glue to the backside of one of the leather pieces. Then attach the other side.

Glue for DIY laser cut bookmark

I used a sponge tip tacky glue pen which worked really well. In my first attempt I tried super glue and that was a fail because it was too runny. The sponge tip allowed for even application across the entire back of the bookmark. I wasn’t able to find the exact glue applicator that I used on Amazon but here is the same brand in a pen version. If you use this and it doesn’t spread as evenly just use a brush or sponge to spread it across the back of the bookmark.

Gluing laser cut bookmark

Once the two pieces were aligned I ran a roll of tape over the bookmark to make sure all of the intricate edges were pressed down and fully adhered to the other side.

Using roll of tape to push out glue from between leather pieces

Step 8 – Use a magic eraser to clean the bookmark

I’m not sure what the correct terminology is, but there was a bit of what looks like a burn haze around the cut and scored portions. Once the glue had completely dried, I scrubbed the dingy looking areas with a magic eraser and it cleaned it up pretty well. It isn’t perfect but it’s good enough for me.

Step 9 – Enjoy your new DIY bookmark

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a stunning DIY laser-cut leather bookmark featuring a charming bee design. Slide it into your favorite book and enjoy the elegance and functionality it adds to your reading experience.

DIY laser cut leather corner bookmark with bee

Simply slide the corner of the page behind the bee and slide the bookmark down.

DIY leather bookmark made with laser cutting machine

You can see here that the two glued leather pieces make a decent thickness for a bookmark. If you happen to have thicker leather sheet you could avoid having to glue two pieces.

How to make a diy bookmark using a laser machine

Here is a close up of the scored option.

DIY bookmark

And here is a close up of the engraved option.

DIY laser cut leather corner bookmark with bee design

With this simple tutorial and the right tools, you can unleash your creativity and make personalized leather bookmarks that make reading even more enjoyable. Happy crafting and happy reading!

I had a ton of fun making these bookmarks and enjoyed using a new material with my laser machine. My previous projects used acrylic and I made some napkin rings and a necklace holder. What material should I experiment with next?


  1. Hannah, these turned out pretty. You’re right, great minds think alike! I’m happy that I visited you to see your bookmark creations. Over the weekend, I created my bookmarks, and my daughters were thrilled to receive them for use in their books.

  2. Hey, Hannah! What a clever post! Such a pretty leather bookmark, too! Perfect for Mother’s Day! Hope to see you at Tuesday Turn About this week! It was so good to have you with us a few weeks ago! Pinned!

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