25 Stunning DIY Beds That You Won’t Believe Are Handmade

I’ve scoured the internet and found the 25 most impressive DIY beds out there. If you’re looking for inspiration or DIY bed ideas this is the post that you’ll want to read.

These projects range in difficulty and skills. Most can be tackled by beginner woodworkers but there are a few that are more advanced or require some sewing skills. Almost all of the beds have detailed build tutorials associated with them so if you’re ready to build your next bed go for one of these stunners!

Below is my list of the top 25 DIY beds that you’ll find on the internet. I spent way too many hours searching google and Pinterest to find these gems so that you don’t have to do the same. Before you dive into the list you should know that I didn’t rank them in any specific order just in order of how I discovered them.

Top 25 DIY Beds on the Internet

1. DIY Spindle Bed

I love this DIY spindle bed from Timber & Twine. They built it with red oak wood (and pine for the slats). While it may look like a complicated build, once you dig into the tutorial you’ll realize that it doesn’t require any fancy tools. If you have the standard tools to get started in woodworking you can make this too!

2. DIY Mid Century Modern Bed

I’m impressed that Woodshop Diaries was able to make a bed out of plywood look so good. The angled legs add that mid century vibe that so many people are loving right now.

3. DIY CB2 Inspired Bed

Southern Revivals liked a $2,000 bed from CB2 but not the price tag so she built her own version. While it isn’t acacia wood like the original, she managed to get a pretty nice finish on the pine that she used.

4. DIY Detailed Wooden Bed

Wow, this bed from A Carrie’d Affair Blog is absolutely stunning. This looks like something that you would find in a castle. Her thorough tutorial will walk you through exactly how to make the bed. You may be intimidated by the detail but it’s actually easier than it looks since she used ornamental mounding pieces from her local hardware store.

5. DIY Murphy Bed With Caned Arches

I’m usually not a fan of murphy beds but this one absolutely had to make the list. The Cabinet that BREPURPOSED Designed and built is a beautiful piece of furniture on it’s own. It’s hard to believe that there is a bed in there.

6. DIY Upholstered Wingback Bed

Why spend several thousand dollars on a upholstered wingback bed when you can make your own for a fraction of that price? Check out detailed tutorials for the headboard and bed frame here on Handmade Weekly.

7. DIY Canopy Bed

This canopy bed from Shanty 2 Chic has a rustic look that would be perfect for a cabin.

8. DIY Restoration Hardware Inspired Bed

Plank & Pillow made a $4,000 Restoration Hardware inspired bed for a fraction of the price. They used oak wood which gives the bed a high end look.

9. DIY Gray Upholstered Bed

This custom upholstered bed from Crazy Wonderful is another one of my favorites. I don’t know anything about sewing but looking at what Shelley did, I have to imagine she has some serious sewing skills.

10. DIY Woven Headboard Bed

This is a simple concept executed very well by Honey Built Home. She hand wove leather strips to create this fun headboard.

11. DIY Round Castle Joint Bed

3×3 Custom shouldn’t even be in the same category as DIYers because her work is advanced, intricate and to be honest kind of unbelievable. She designed and built this amazing bed with round castle joints which allows the bed to be assembled without hardware.

12. DIY Horizontal Slat Bed

Woodshop Diaries built this bed out of poplar. Her attention to the finish always gives her pieces a high end look.

13. DIY Headboard With Headboard Cushions

Here is another project for those of you that can sew. Houseful of Handmade shares a detailed tutorial to make a headboard that you can hang custom headboard pillows from. If you don’t know how to sew I bet you could find pillows that work well for the size and just attach the leather straps.

14. DIY Modern Farmhouse Bed

This bed from Tylynn M has a farmhouse feel but the wood has little variation and the finish is smooth which makes the bed look more expensive.

15. DIY Channel Tufted Upholstered Headboard

Another upholstered bed coming at you but this one has a unique channel tufted headboard. Hamilton Park Home shares exactly how to make the headboard. If you want to make matching rails and a footboard you can follow this DIY upholstered bed frame tutorial.

16. DIY Upholstered Canopy Bed

I love a mix of upholstery and wood so it’s no surprise that this bed from Honey Built Home caught my eye. It was inspired by a Pottery barn bed that costs over $2,000 and she made her version for around $450. Gotta love DIY!

17. DIY Rustic Farmhouse Bed

I admittedly do not like most farmhouse style furniture anymore but I think that this rustic bed from Ana White would be perfect for a cabin.

18. DIY Chevron Reclaimed Wood Bed

Jen Woodhouse made this $1,700 West Elm knockoff bed for her daughter and spent around $200. Everything is perfection here; the bed, the styling, the colors. I just can’t get enough of it.

19. DIY Mid Century Modern Platform Bed

I love the simplicity of this bed from Design to Build. The painted boards give the illusion of metal without the price tag.

20. DIY Painted Wood Bed

Angela Marie Made designed and built this simple bed that has some high end depth with the added moulding. Another choice that made her bed look more expensive was painting it. Pine doesn’t always finish very well so by painting it you can hide the fact that you used a cheaper wood.

21. DIY Caned Daybed

I only included one daybed on the list and it’s from Hughes Home + DIY. It’s simple but trendy and a very good knockoff of the $1,400 caned daybed from CB2. Can we also take a moment to appreciate the adorable dog? The dog really seems to love it.

22. DIY Upholstered Patterned Bed

Why not add some pattern to your upholstered bed like Room For Tuesday did? They first made a unique shaped headboard and then upholstered it with a fun fabric.

23. DIY Simple Upholstered Bed

I like the simplicity of this upholstered bed from Chic Misfits. Using curtain panels can cut down on the cost of the bed and adding some unique store bought legs can make the entire bed look store bought.

24. DIY Platform Bed

This interesting platform bed from DIY Candy has a ton of depth in the headboard. King beds are difficult to find in a mid century modern design so why not build your own?

25. DIY Reclaimed Wood Bed

The final handmade bed that I’m sharing is this fun shaped headboard from The Accent Piece. Using reclaimed wood gives a rustic finish that is desired by many.


These DIY beds are so impressive. I’ve definitely been inspired to tackle a few more beds of my own. First will be a daybed for my sunroom and then likely next year I’ll build a bed frame for our guest room.

If there is a common theme with these handmade beds I would have to say it is attention to detail and material choice. Going for a harder wood like oak is always a good decision if you want your DIY furniture builds to look higher end. If you do choose pine, poplar or plywood, be extra diligent with sanding, staining and applying polyurethane. Or just paint it! The attention to detail with the finish work makes a huge difference in how the furniture piece will look.

Which of the 25 DIY beds is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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