25 Creative Melt and Pour Soap Ideas to Spark Your DIY Spirit

Soap making is an age-old craft that has seen a modern resurgence in recent years. Melt and pour soap bases have made the process more accessible than ever, allowing hobbyists and artisans to create beautiful, customized soaps without the need for extensive equipment or expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned soap maker or just starting out, here are 25 creative melt and pour soap ideas to inspire your next project.

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25 Creative Melt and Pour Soap Ideas

1. Glass tile soap

Glass tile melt and pour soap

Source: The Dancing Soap Dish

Use a square cavity soap mold to make these stunning glass tile lookalike soap bars.

2. Coffee soap

Coffee soap

Source: Beauty Crafter

This coffee soap recipe must smell amazing! They use actual coffee grounds and coffee fragrance oil in their recipe.

3. Cosmic cotton candy soap

Marbled cotton candy soap

Source: Soap Queen

Create a cosmic marbled soap by integrating some pretty glitter into your DIY soap bars. Just make sure that it’s skin safe!

4. Painted soap

Painted soap bars

Source: Painted Soap Bars

Get creative and paint your soap bars using a mica powder mixed with alcohol. You can get shimmery iridescent mica powders or go with traditional colors. The options are really endless.

5. Rainbow gradient soap

Rainbow gradient soap

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Non-bleed colorants are perfect for making colorful rainbow gradient soap bars. The pastel shades for this soap are perfectly paired.

6. Macaron Soap

Macaron soap

Source: Happiness is Homemade

Make some amazingly realistic looking macaron soap bars using a macaron silicone mold.

7. Massage soap

Massage soap bars

Source: Massage Soap Bars

Massage soap bars feel great and are super easy to make with an inexpensive silicone massage soap mold.

8. Turquois Gemstone soap

turquoise gem stone soap

Source: Dans Le Lakehouse

With a mixture of clear glycerin soap base and white glycerin soap base you can make your own turquois geometric soap bars.

9. Citrus soap

Citrus soap

Source: Country Hill Cottage

4 oz round soap molds are the perfect size to make these DIY citrus soap bars.

10. Floral soap

Floral soap bars

Source: Floral Soap Bars

Making floral soap bars with melt and pour soap base is very easy. You just pour the melted soap base in the mold and sprinkle some dried flowers on top.

11. Cactus soap

DIY cactus soap

Source: Soap Queen

With a silicone cactus mold you can make your own super cute DIY cactus soaps.

12. Charcoal soap

Charcoal melt and pour soap bars

Source: Living Well Mom

If you’re in to charcoal soap try making your own with activated charcoal and melt and pour soap base.

13. Donut soap

DIY Donut soap

Source: Happiness is Homemade

Use a silicone donut mold to make these fun donut soaps!

14. Pine soap

DIY pine soap

Source: Country Hill Cottage

Pine soap would make a perfect handmade Christmas gift! You can achieve the pretty green color by using spirulina powder.

15. Birthday cake soap

Birthday cake soap

Source: Studio DIY

I can’t get over this birthday cake soap. It’s stunning! You can make your own version using a silicone cake pan.

16. Owl soap

Owl soap bars

Source: Owl soap bars

Get creative with your silicone soap molds like this owl soap mold. These are perfect for fall and you can customize the colors to fit the season.

17. Popsicle soap

Popscicle Soap

Source: A Beautiful Mess

For a fun summer soap DIY grab your popscicle mold and get creative with some melt and pour soap base!

18. Lego soap

lego soap

Source: Our Kid Things

Get yourself a lego man mold and make these cute lego soaps. I wonder if kids are more likely to wash their hands with cool soap like this? Probably not. 😉

19. Iced animal cracker soap

Animal Cracker Soap

Source: A Kailo Chic Life

More of the dessert theme with these adorable animal cracker soap bars. This tutorial is a bit different from the rest in that it uses cookie cutters instead of a silicone mold.

20. Sea salt soap

Sea salt soap

Source: Green Beauty Mama

Himalayan salt is for more than just eating. You can add it to your DIY soap bars and not only get the benefit of the pretty pink color but did you know that it’s good for your skin?

21. Watermelon soap

Watermelon melt and pour soap

Source: Kimspired DIY

Not only can you make soap that looks like watermelon. You can make it smell like watermelon too using a all natural watermelon fragrance oil.

22. Turmeric soap

turmeric soap

Source: Turmeric soap bars

Get all the benefits of turmeric with these DIY turmeric soap bars. Turmeric is a great natural way to dye soap!

23. Sandalwood men’s soap

Sandalwood Men's Soap

Source: Outnumbered 3 to 1

Use a traditional silicone soap mold to make these layered sandalwood soap bars that are a perfect gift for the men in your life.

24. Rose soap

Rose soap

Source: A Life Adjacent

A little bit of rose clay powder is perfect for adding a slight pink tint to these pretty little rose soap bars!

25. Confetti filled soap

Confetti filled soap

Source: A Kailo Chic Life

Liquid soap colorant is another option for adding color to soap bars. You can get creative with your color choices and make your own confetti filled soap.

Melt and pour soap making benefits

  • Ease of Use: Melt and pour soap bases are incredibly easy to work with, especially for beginners.
  • Safety: Unlike traditional soap-making methods which involve handling caustic materials like lye (sodium hydroxide), melt and pour soap bases are already pre-made and safe to handle.
  • Versatility: Melt and pour soap bases come in a variety of types, such as glycerin, shea butter, goat’s milk, and more. Each type offers unique properties and benefits for the skin.
  • Consistency and Predictability: Melt and pour soap bases offer consistent quality and performance, ensuring that your finished soap bars maintain their integrity over time.
  • Time-Saving: Melt and pour soap making typically requires less time compared to traditional cold or hot process methods. With melt and pour bases, there’s no need for lengthy curing periods or waiting for saponification to occur.


With melt and pour soap making, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re experimenting with colors, textures, or embeds, each soap creation is a unique reflection of your creativity and style. So, gather your supplies, unleash your imagination, and start crafting your own stunning melt and pour soap creations today!

Which of the 25 creative melt and pour soap ideas is your favorite? If I had to pick I think it’s going to be the macaron soap for me. They look so real!


  1. These are beautiful soaps! My favorite is the citrus one, most definitely! I love the look and smell of citrus. Thank you for visiting my happy hearts & homes link party, I hope to see you again next week!

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