10 Must-Have Closet Accessories for Organized Living

Keep your closet organized and clutter-free with these 10 must-have closet accessories. Say goodbye to messy closets and hello to stress-free living!

Are you tired of digging through piles of clothes and struggling to find what you need in your closet? It’s time to invest in some closet accessories that will help you keep everything organized and easily accessible. From shoe racks to hanging organizers, these 10 must-have accessories will transform your closet into a stress-free space.

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Closet Accessories to Control the Clutter

1. Drawer Dividers for Small Items

Closet drawer divider organizers help you separate your items and find them quickly. They are great for your undergarments like socks, underwear and bras.

If you don’t have the time or tools to make custom drawer dividers you can find multiple options for purchase including predetermined sizes or adjustable dividers that will allow you to maximize your drawer space!

Set of 6 fabric drawer organizers
4″ high organizers that are the perfect size for drawers. Includes two large and 4 small.

2. Shoe Organizers

Get your shoes off the floor by adding a shoe organizer. There are options for racks that sit on the floor and allow you to stack multiple tiers of shoes. Another option if you are a shoe collector is to use clear storage boxes. These are great for displaying your collection but also keeping the dust off of your shoes.

Shoe Rack
Bamboo foldable shoe rack for multi-tiered shoe storage.
Clear Shoe Storage Boxes
Stackable clear shoe storage boxes to display your shoe collection and keep your shoes in great condition.

3. Closet Dresser

If you don’t have built in drawers in your closet you can get the same function with a freestanding dresser.

There are several high quality fabric drawer dresser options that are economical options on Amazon. You don’t have to break the bank to add drawer storage to your closet space.

5 Drawer Dark Gray Dresser
5 drawers provide plenty of storage.
7 Drawer Rose Gold Dresser
Keep clutter under control with this 7 drawer dresser.

Closet Accessories for your Accessories!

4. Hat Organizers

If you want to keep your hats organized there are options for hanging or stackable organizers. Never struggle to find your favorite hat again!

Hat organizer holder for hangers
Inexpensive option that you can add to one of your hangers.
Clear hat organizer boxes
Comes with 4 stackable clear boxes with magnetic doors that each fit up to 4 hats.

5. Tie Rack

A tie organizer is a must have for anyone that has a tie collection. A tie rack will keep your ties organized and free from wrinkles.

Tie hanger with 24 hooks
Hang up to 24 ties on this tie hanger that incorporates a 360 degree swivel to give you easy access to all of your ties.

6. Belt Organizers

Keep your belts organized with a belt organizer. Several options are available that either display on shelves or hang.

Wood belt display
7 compartments to showcase your belt collection.
Hanging belt organizer
Hanger design holds up to 12 belts.

7. Handbag Organizer

Beautifully display your handbag collection with a clear handbag organizer or clear cases that keep the dust off of your coveted bags.

Clear adjustable handbag organizer
Clear adjustable organizer holds bags upright and keeps them in good shape.
Acrylic handbag storage cases
Dustproof and waterproof to keep your beloved handbags in great shape. Also a nice way to display your collection!

8. Jewelry Organizers

You’ll never have to worry about misplacing your jewelry again with these jewelry organizers.

Hanging double sided jewelry organizer
Store and display your jewelry collection with this double sided hanging organizer.
Standing jewelry display
Decorative jewelry stand with 44 holes to hang earrings.

9. Scarf Hanger

If you are a fan of scarves you’ll love this scarf hanger to organize and display your collection.

28 Ring scarf hanger
Great way to organize and display your scarf or hijab.

10. Valet Rod

Last but not least is a valet rod, which is a small rod for hanging up clothing. They are usually retractable and great for hanging up an outfit that you plan to wear. If you’re not a morning person like me and you like to prepare your outfit the night before, you can extend your valet rod, hang your outfit on it and be ready to get out the door quickly the next morning.

12″ Valet Rod
12″ Satin nickel valet rod that extends 9″.

These 10 accessories will get your closet into tip top shape. With everything organized and easily accessible you’ll never have to worry about closet clutter again!

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