5 Minute Christmas Centerpiece

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas is just a few weeks away and I didn’t want to go another season without a centerpiece for my table so I did what I do best and made one.  To be fair, I bought everything and put it together to make the centerpiece.  So if you have no woodworking skills or tools, no need to worry, you can purchase the main component from Havertys or Amazon.  Keep reading to follow my steps to make this easy and inexpensive Christmas centerpiece in less than 5 minutes.

Every year I hit up Havertys on black Friday.  It’s a bit of a hidden gem for black Friday deals.  They hand out gift cards to the first 40 people and the value ranges from $50 – $1000.  I was able to use mine to get the wood and metal candle holder for free.  Seriously, I didn’t pay a dime for it.  You can get the exact one that I used from Havertys and even order it online if you don’t have a store near you.  It is listed for $44 on their website but if you are looking for cheaper alternatives I’ve linked a few similar ones from Amazon below.  Note that I cannot comment on the quality of the candle holders from Amazon but the one from Havertys is great quality.  Also, the one from Havertys takes pillar candles whereas the Amazon ones take votives.  Keep that in mind when buying your candles.  For the garland, I always recommend printing off a 40% off coupon and heading to either Michaels or Hobby Lobby to find one that you like.

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Candle Holder (Exact one that I used)

Wood & Metal Candle holder (Amazon option 1)

Wood & Metal Candle Holder (Amazon option 2)

Pillar Candles  (note that the Amazon options take votive candles)

Holiday Garland

Red Berry Picks

DIY Christmas Ornament


Step 1

Arrange the candle holder so that it is centered on your table.

DIY Centerpiece

Step 2

Wrap the garland around the base of the candle holder.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Step 3

Add the red berry picks spacing them around the garland to fill the voids.  Be sure to place some at the top, middle and bottom to get an even overall look.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Step 4

Add the candles.  As I mentioned before, the candle holder from Havertys takes pillar candles.  However, the ones that I linked from Amazon take votive candles.

DIY Centerpiece

And that’s it!  Seriously, I think you’ll spend most of the five minutes taking things out of the package.  This centerpiece is insanely easy to make and it adds the perfect holiday flair to my table.  Here are some shots of my dining room with this beautiful centerpiece.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

And now a few all lit up 🙂
DIY Christmas Centerpiece

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

If you’re wanting to make a holiday/Christmas centerpiece of your own give this one a try.  I promise you’ll love it.  I think it would make an awesome gift as well.

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DIY Christmas Centerpiece

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Happy holidays!

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  1. I love this! You did an amazing job! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Thanks for linking up @LiveLifeWell!



    1. Thank you. It is such an easy project. I may even leave it for spring and just change out the garland to something fitting.

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